April 2019 Update

The team here at Autovance is always working to develop the best desking tool possible, while improving the working lives of dealership employees. We’re happy to say this year we’ve been shipping more updates than ever before. In an effort to help you understand all of our awesome new and upcoming features, we will be releasing monthly posts like this one to keep you in the loop for the many updates, improvements, and announcements we plan to make! 

What’s New

  • Deal List
  • Major DMS Integration Updates
  • Multiple Inventory Integrations Added
  • Suggested Trims for Unmatched Inventory
  • New Worksheet Print Options
  • Improvements to Default Bank Rates
  • Default Accessories Now Available

What’s Coming

  • F&I Menu
  • RouteOne Integration

Introducing Deal List

It’s a request that’s been a long-time coming, and we’re proud to deliver; a fully functioning and filterable deal list. Dealers can access this list in the top left with the Deals button. The list can be filtered down by any combination of Date Range, New/Used, Deal Status, Salesperson, or Sales Manager.
Hovering over a deal will  give you the option of opening it, and for those six-deep Saturdays, it’s important to note that you can hold Ctrl on your keyboard while opening a deal to access in a new tab.
You can have an infinite amount of deals open at once, so don’t be afraid to adopt this feature into your sales desk.

Major DMS Integration Updates

The Autovance development team has been working to develop rich DMS integrations. We are now proud to additionally offer integration into PBS Systems and CDK Drive DMS. Complete inventory access, customer access, and complete deal push (with weOwe support for CDK). No more double entry!

We have only 8 spots left to take advantage of CDK DMS integration at our promotional rate.

Please contact Brayden Lisecki, Account Manager at brayden@autovance.com for more information.

See April 3, 2019 Press Release: “Autovance Technologies Joins CDK Global Partner Program”

Additional Inventory Integrations Now Available

If you don’t currently utilize an inventory integration, it may be possible to get your complete inventory in Autovance with the help of one of our many partners. If your dealership utilizes one of the services listed below, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for more information on adding inventory to Autovance. We’re excited to work with the following partners to provide you access to your inventory in Desk:

  • Homenet
  • AutoSweet
  • Reynolds and Reynolds DMS
  • vAuto (used only)
  • Dealersocket (used only)

Suggested Trims for Unmatched Inventory

Sometimes we don’t have all the necessary information we need to match your inventory unit to a model and trim. You may have received the prompt saying Vehicle Not Matched which asks if you’d like to desk as New or Used.

When we have partial information, we will now suggest trims for you to make the selection. In the image below, you can see the missing package code and a list of suggested trims based on the information we do have for this unit.
It’s important to ensure the right trim is selected so the correct rates, residuals, and rebates are displayed for that vehicle.

New Worksheet Print Options

Some additional printing options on the worksheet have recently been added in Autovance Desk. You now have the option to not print the taxes and lien payout.

Default Bank Rate Improvements

We’ve made a few changes to the way we manage default bank rates. It is now possible to specify default rates automatically for New/Used and by term.

Requests to change defaults can be made at help.autovance.com or by pressing the Help button in the top right corner of Autovance Desk.

Default Accessories Now Available

We are now able to add custom default accessories in Autovance Desk. For accessories frequently quoted, add a default option to populate when desking.

Requests to change defaults can be made at help.autovance.com or by pressing the Help button in the top right corner of Autovance Desk.

F&I Menu Coming Soon

Many may be aware, but we figured an official announcement was in order. Our development team is dedicated to producing an F&I Menu solution to accompany Autovance Desk this year. You can expect the seamless user experience you’ve become accustomed to at the sales desk for your business managers and finance teams.

Contact us at autovance.com/contact-us

In-Development: RouteOne Integration

We are proud to announce that we are currently working on a project to push deal information to RouteOne from Autovance Desk. More details will be available in the coming months.

Thanks for Your Support

Thank you for taking the time to read our product update for April. We couldn’t do it without our customers. We hope this information was valuable to you and we thank you for your support!

If you have any questions or would like to share, please contact us by phone at 1-855-388-0145 or by email support@autovance.com

The Autovance Team

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