Course Name: Supporting Canadian Vehicle Sales Models – Advanced
Course Length: 4 Days (32 Hours)
Course Description: The Supporting Canadian Vehicle Models – Advanced is a course designed to educate Customer Service professionals who support transactional systems for the Canadian Automotive Industry on the intricacies of managing vehicle sales for new and used vehicle manufacturers. In this course participants will be educated on a variety of topics: advanced finance methods, advanced leasing methods, understanding and applying manufacturer rebates, provincial tax regulations, and more.
Course Outline:
Day 1
  • Understanding the basics of financing and lease models
  • Where and how are taxes calculated on different purchase scenarios
  • How are New and Used vehicles treated differently from a transactional perspective
  • Review
  • Understanding Evaluation
Day 2
  • Introduction to extended warranties and how they impact the transaction
  • Differences between New and Used vehicle leasing
    • Different residual guides and methods for calculating these
    • Tax implications
  • Advanced leasing components
    • What is the Due Upon Signing and how is it calculated
    • What is PPSA
    • What can and can’t impact residual values
    • Leasing mileage charges and how they impact residual values
  • Review
  • Understanding Evaluation
Day 3
  • Managing manufacturer interest rates and residual values
    • Understanding rate reduction programs and when they are applied
    • How do security deposits effect lease / multiple security deposit rate reductions
    • Low mileage lease residual adjustments
    • Demo leasing – how is mileage handled on the lease of a demo vehicle
  • Due Upon Signing Rollback – when and where it will be used
  • Review
  • Understanding Evaluation
Day 4
  • Understanding and applying manufacturer rebates
    • Difference between Before Tax and After Tax incentives
    • What are compatibility rules and how should they be handled
    • Understanding different rebate amount types: ceiling, variable and fixed
    • Mitigating monthly changes – when do they change and how should these changes be tracked
  • Advanced provincial tax regulations
    • Which provinces apply which tax rates
    • How are trade-ins, extended warranties and other fees impacted by these taxes
    • Advanced leasing tax calculations
  • Review
  • Wrap Up
  • Final Evaluation
 Price: $6,000.00
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