Autovance – Solving the Fall Transition

When the fall season starts moving in, the push for new year’s models gets into full swing. New stock begins to trickle in, but there can be a pressing challenge: making space for the new while efficiently clearing the old inventory. Supply shortages add an extra layer of complexity, requiring dealers to continue the flow of leads, line up sales, and keep stock moving out the door as it’s coming in. This fall transition can be stressful and hard to manage. Autovance Desk and Autovance MyDeal step in as the solutions for a seamless process.

Clearing Inventory Bottlenecks

When a desking process is slow and inefficient, deal negotiations get stretched out and the odds of closing get smaller and smaller. Often prospects will grow impatient and begin to look elsewhere, jeopardizing the deal and causing delays. This puts more stress on the transitionary period, preventing dealers from clearing the stock they need.

Streamlining Deal-Making

With a streamlined and efficient deal structuring process dealers can significantly cut the time required to complete a deal. Easily navigate through every step of the desking process, from start to finish. When using a system designed to be both intuitive and user-friendly, it’s simple to customize deals, present cash, lease, or finance options, and make the entire process quick and efficient.

Autovance Desk empowers dealerships to structure deals in just 60 seconds, ensuring a seamless process.

The user-friendly interface simplifies customization, getting customers into their desired vehicles quickly and easily.

Customer-Driven Deals

Clearing inventory is impossible without the leads to make those sales. Having a consistent flow of leads coming through the showroom, especially during the fall, increases the chances of clearing inventory and making a great return on the newest models. Allow customers to shop and build their own deals right from the dealer website. Create qualified leads and increase closing rates through a seamless flow from on-line to in-store transactions.

MyDeal allows customers to build their own deals directly from your dealer website, providing a tailored experience.

As customers engage, receive qualified leads, primed and ready to make a purchase. This steady flow during the fall season increases close rates and accelerates stock clearance.

When the seasonal transition starts, Autovance Desk and MyDeal can help to clear the old and new stock while getting the best return on every deal. Eliminate potential bottlenecks and enhance customer relationships with Autovance.

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