Desking Best Practices and Autovance: Elevating the Buying Experience.

Desking a deal should be straightforward but straying from the recommended process and “making your own rules” can often lead to unnecessary delays and customer frustration. Creating the best buying experience requires a reliable desking solution, but to unlock its full potential, it’s essential to use the system the way it was designed: to desk a deal quickly and accurately. Let’s look at some valuable desking best practices for current Autovance users looking to optimize their experience, as well as dealers interested in adopting our solution to improve their dealership operation.

Strategic Maneuvering: Desking Best Practices

Start Fresh
Always avoid using old deals. Even though it seems like a time saver to take an old deal with certain fields and information filled in, reusing old deals costs time, causes confusion, and can create some very costly errors. Deals age, incentives shift, and numbers change. Start fresh and keep it accurate.

Precision in User Onboarding
If there is a new user needing to be set up in Desk, make sure to provide the necessary details the first time to ensure onboarding is an easy and streamlined process. When engaging Support to establish new accounts, make sure to provide – names, email addresses, and designated roles – this expedites the process and ensures that new recruits are onboarded correctly and ready to desk their first deal.

Aligning Inventory with Accuracy
Accurate inventory is key to completing a successful deal. Make sure your desking solution is in line with your dealerships’ inventory to always set your deal up for success. Unmatched vehicles can translate into missed opportunities.
Autovance provides a daily email listing any unmatched vehicles at your dealership to make sure you always display accurate data during a deal. Keep on top of your inventory by assigning a designated person within the dealership to receive this data to ensure your inventory is constantly aligned.

Securing Changes
Deals and settings can be altered and updated by users with the Manager access. Items like change fees, rate defaults, and salesperson lists allow you to shape the process with the right checks and balances in place. Having a desking solution that allows managers to easily fine-tune settings can help align each deal with the dealership selling strategy.

Navigating Release Notes
Stay in tune with all the latest features in Autovance through our repository of release notes. This addition ensures that you're in step with enhancements, optimizations, and all the latest innovations, empowering you to remain ahead of the curve. Subscribe for updates and receive the newest information directly.

Streamlined Assistance: Help On-Demand
Accessing help is streamlined and immediate, with a simple click to submit a request directly within Autovance Desk. If you ever find yourself unsure on something, Autovance is ready to assist.

Adopting these desking best practices makes for smoother transactions, increased accuracy, and happier customers. Autovance not only aligns with standard best practices, but it also improves them. When you combine the power of best practices and Autovance, you get the most out of every opportunity.

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